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Video and Keyboard: Rei controls an avatar playing inside the piano. 
Stefan Prins - Piano Hero #1
©Stefan Prins
Interdisciplinary work: 4 stages, 5 keyboard instruments, Not only piano playing, running, shouting, giving an interview, whispering….and much more with Christoph Ogiermann
Christoph Ogiermann - Zig Gesetze angewendet auf Rei Nakamura (2009) für Tastenspielerin Flügel, Midi-Flügel, Klavier, 2 Keyboards, symphonischer Hilfskraft, Elektronik
Acoustic piano playing: The notes are the stars on sky
John Cage - Etudes Australes 
©Anja Limbrunner
Performative: Rei plays with a recorded Rei aurally as well as visually. Projected Rei is played back backwards though...
Michael Beil - Mach Sieben (1999/2000) für Klavier, Audio- und Videozuspiel
© Grzergorz Mart, Warsaw Autumn 2015
Live-Video and Finger Choreography: The Fingerings are decided in order to perform a dance on the keys or strings.
Annesley Black - 4238 du Bullion (2008) for piano, live electronics and live video
Toy Pianos: Playing three at the same time 
Sven-Ingo Koch - Alter Ego for 3 toy pianos and electronics

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