Brazilian Classical Music 

As in the new music, Nakamura concepts original projects in the classical music as well. At this moment, her interest is in the Brazilian Classical Music, since Brazil is one of her home. From the age of three, she has grown up in Brazil until she came to Germany. 

Pieces as "Impressoes Seresteiras" and "Rudepoema" from Heitor Villa-Lobos and "Toccata" from Claudio Santoro are part of her repertoire. She participated in a Theater piece "Villa Lobos ou Les sons en extase" plaing the "Rudepoema" in the National Theater of Luxemburg in February 2010. Later in the same year, the project " Brazilian Classical Music" has been developed with the singer Angela Diel. Since the receptance of the public was very positive, they decided to continue the project. 

Other than Villa Lobos, there are plenty of composers who might not be so famous but as interesting as him, who represent Brazil. Claudio Santoro, Vlademir Henrique and Ronald Miranda are some examples. The Project gives a possibility to get to know rarely performed brazilian music, inspired and evolved from the classical european music,  and get another cultural aspect  of Brazil as samba and soccer. Poems are tuned with folksongs, ritual music and afro-brazilian rhythms. The songs played are explained briefly from the singer, and makes the public also understand where the music comes from.